Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Youngest pilot in Great Britain?

At age 12 is David Marchington the youngest pilot in Great Britain? (He is the person on the left of the picture by the way!)
Although not allowed, under the rules for JAR-FCL PPL(A) and United Kingdom licences, to fly solo until 16 years, David has demonstrated his ability to fly an aeroplane, including taking-off and landing. He is on target to getting his Private Pilot Licence at 17. From age 14 the dual instruction that he receives will be countable towards the experience requirements. He is already keeping a proper log of his flying hours.
Meanwhile, not only is David learning to fly an aircraft he is aquiring other important life skills including self-discipline, sense of responsibility, initiative, mental fitness, tenacity - some of the personal qualities required of a leader*.
He is also learning correct prioritisation, orientation and using applied mathematics during his flight details.
*Other qualities of a good captain as originally laid down in the R.A.F. Flying Manual a
re skill and experience, loyalty, personal influence and courage. The foundations are being laid.
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