Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The AIM: As the site develops, to 'brief' and offer practical advice re many of the PPL Flight Exercises. To offer advice regarding safe operation & procedure, correct prioritisation, good practice and, where appropriate, to add useful information & highlight common errors. Also, via 'Comments' to answer questions and give feedback.
There will be other items of interest e.g. who has recently flown their First Solo and any other relevant information.
Hopefully this site will generate interest and participation - ANYONE may participate.
No warranty or claims are made or implied regarding the accuracy or worthiness of the information included or linked to via this web site. We are doing the best we can to ensure accurate information, however, the actual data may not be accurate, up-to-date, or it may be faulty to begin with (If you find inaccuracies please let us know). Use these sources at your own risk. The CAA is the primary authority.


FIJJ said...

Great idea, cuts to the chase and provides the essentials. Ideal for a student to self brief and prepare before a lesson. Keep up the good work.

Jetadventure said...

Thank you for the positive feedback. Obviously all the books are available, but hopefully this website will be useful.