Wednesday, 27 August 2008

PPL Ex 18 (v)[Page 2]: NAVIGATION: (True Air Speed -TAS Page 2)

On the ‘front face’ of your navigation computer (the TIME – SPEED – DISTANCE side) you will see that (T.A.S.) is on the outer scale and (R.A.S.) is on the inner scale. Match up any two like numbers on these scales, say, 90 against 90. I.e. 90 TAS against 90 RAS. Now observe the AIR SPEED window on the inner part of the face. (This window should give you Press. Alt x 1000ft against C.O.A.T ˚C.) Find 0 Pressure Altitude and note the C.O.A.T. This is +15˚C. (At standard atmosphere* temperature of +15˚C RAS =TAS.)

Now, follow the 'arrow' to the 'Density Altitude' window. read the DENSITY ALTITUDE is (0x1000 ft) ZERO.

Note: ISA - International Standard Atmosphere is on the next page.........
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