Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Correct R/T Phraseology? Any Feedback?

CAP413 1.5.2 and 1.13.3 (Click here) and LASORS Safety Sense 22 p.13 (Click here) give conflicting information regarding requests to an ATSU for Flight Information Service or Radar Information Service or MATZ Penetration or Zone Transit or whatever. This is the latest information. According to the latest Seminar the following is the correct format for these types of messages:
  • AIRCRAFT: Station address - Callsign - Request.
  • ATSU: Callsign - "Pass your message."
  • AIRCRAFT: Callsign - Type - Point of departure - Destination - Routing -Position - Altitude - Request.
  • Note 1: Heading is not required. VFR/IFR not required. Pressure setting not required.
  • Note 2: If your initial request is for (say) a “MATZ penetration” then the ATSU require, in the subsequent request, the type of service through their MATZ or in their Airspace e.g. “Radar Information Service”.

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FIJJ said...

R/T is often an area students have sleepless nights about, I was one of them many years ago. The best way to learn I found was with a practice tape (now a CD I guess) in the car. Use every morning on the way to work. It really really helps, however Aviate, Navigate and then Communicate. Remember though that if the brain is concentrating on the first two then sometimes the communicate will go embarrassingly wrong.

Jetadventure said...

I agree. It is a good idea to use a practice tape or CD. What I have found useful when flying is THINK-DELAY-SPEAK. The "delay" only needs to be a second or two, but it gets one's thought 'ducks' in a row. Thanks for the comment.

skinardo said...

THINK-DELAY-SPEAK has not only helped me in the air but probably saved my marriage too!

jetadventure said...

See also posting on 3rd October 2009.