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PPL Ex 18 (xvi): Navigation Planning: Example: EGBD - EGTK - EGBD (Part 3: OXFORD AIRPORT - COSFORD T/P - EGBD)

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Before departing OXFORD KIDLINGTON study the AERODROME CHART - ICAO. Aerodrome Index- Specific Oxford/Kidlington EGTK. Note where Twy A, Twy B and the Eastern Link Taxiways are. Runway 21/03 (880m) is grass. Runways 19/01 (1319m) and 29/11 (760m) are asphalt. All distances quoted are "balanced field" i.e. TORA = TODA = ASDA = LDA. Note the Magnetic Tracks of the runways from the chart: 206/026, 193/013 and 293/113-degrees respectively. We will assume that the ATIS has been received on 136.225 and that we will be taking off from RW 21. The expected taxi instructions on 121.950 are: "G-BJXZ cleared to taxi to B2 via taxiway Bravo and call Oxford Tower on 133.425."

Before take-off expect another frequency change to Oxford Approach 125.325 or Brize Radar 124.275. Remember to start the CHRONO at take-off. After take-off climb straight ahead to 750ft QFE (1,000ft QNH) before turning on course. (Note: It would be practical to depart with QNH set as the altimeter subscale setting.) It is important to remain clear of Brize Norton CTR. The Track(T)/Distance to CHARLBURY VRP is 289-deg/7nm. BUT after take-off to the southwest the track will be closer to 300-deg and the distance approximately 10nm. In other words the track/distance is variable depending on the runway for departure (as it was departing Derby Airfield).
The ICAO Chart clearly shows CHARLBURY VRP on the river (Stour) and railway line 3nm NW of Blenheim Palace. The river turns quite sharply SW approximately 1nm after CHARLBURY VRP, as does the railway line. Approaching CHARLBURY VRP reset the CHRONO to zero ready for starting overhead the VRP. Run through the FREDA checks. Brize Zone would probably appreciate a radio call at this point. "Brize Zone G-BJXZ for Flight Information Service." Steer accurately by LOOKING OUT!
Zero the CHRONO and turn NW onto the appropriate heading (HDG) to make good the Track(T) of 327-degress. Distance to COSFORD is 54.5nm. In approximately 7nm (4.3 minutes) the aircraft will be leaving the Brize Zone AIAA where we will be requesting a frequency change to Birmingham Approach 118.050. "Birmingham Approach G-BJXZ request Flight Information Service." "G-BJXZ pass your message." "G-BJXZ Cessna 172 Oxford to Derby via CHARLBURY VRP, COSFORD and CHURCH BROUGHTON VRP. Position abeam MORETON-IN-MARSH. 2,600ft. Request Flight Information Service." "G-XZ Flight Information Service. Birmingham QNH 1002." "Flight Information Service. QNH 1002. G-XZ"

Fly the HDG accurately by LOOKING OUT! The disused airfield at Moreton-in-Marsh should be visible at about 2nm left of track at approximately Chrono + 6.3 minutes from CHARLBURY VRP (3/4 of 1/4). As the aircraft approaches the R.Avon there is a Microlight Flying Site at Long Marston on our track and a Glider Launching Site at Bidford just left of track. It would be prudent to advise Birmingham Approach that you wish to leave their frequency for a short time in order to contact LONG MARSTON on 129.825. Keep a very good LOOKOUT for microlights and gliders. Note that we are crossing back into the Barnsley ASR.

Stratford-Upon-Avon should now be visible on the right side of the aircraft. The abeam position would be at approximately Chrono + 13 minutes with Alcester and then Redditch almost directly ahead. When clear of Long Marston re-contact Birmingham Approach. The southern outskirts of Redditch should be at Chrono + 18.0 minutes. Note the small lake between the major roads on the east side of the town. The aircraft is very close to the western boundary of the Birmingham CTA (2500' - FL145). Do NOT stray east of your intended track. It may be a good idea to dog-leg west of Redditch town (Rule 5), east of Bromsgrove and head for WOLVERHAMPTON HALFPENNY GREEN; a Track(T) of about 320-degrees. This will also keep the aircraft clear of the built-up area of Stourbridge (Rule 5!). At Chrono + 25 minutes (3/4 distance) the aircraft should cross the railway line from Stourbridge to Kidderminster. WOLVERHAMPTON HALFPENNY GREEN is 6.6nm ahead. Call HALFPENNY GREEN on 123.0 for clearance through the ATZ. From overhead HALFPENNY GREEN the Track(T)/Distance is 350-degrees/7nm to COSFORD. Call COSFORD on 138.875 for clearance through that ATZ. FREDA checks approaching COSFORD and remember the CHRONO.
Turn onto the HDG for CHURCH BROUGHTON. The Track(T)/Distance is 055-degrees/26nm. Steer accurately by LOOKING OUT! Re-contact Birmingham Approach. Looking ahead the track takes us very close to a Microlight Flying Sight at 1/4 distance which is adjacent to the M6 Motorway. A good LOOKOUT is essential. At 1/2 distance + 2nm the aircraft will cross road/river/railway line abeam Rugely Power Station (825ft AMSL). HIXON disused airfield on the left side. Of course the BIG FEATURE on this leg is the distinctive Blithfield Reservoir. The track will cross directly over the barrage wall. Keep a good lookout as the aircraft will be very close to the TATENHILL ATZ. If you have the capacity to call Tatenhill Radio, then do so on 124.075. At this point you should be descending towards the CHURCH BROUGHTON VRP and when clear of Tatenhill ATZ call DERBY RADIO on 118.350 for joining instructions: "Derby Radio G-BJXZ 4nm west of Church Broughton descending to 1,000ft for re-join." I think you are familiar with the re-join procedure!
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