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PPL Ex 18 (xv): Navigation Planning: Example: EGBD - Oxford EGTK - Derby EGBD (Part 2: BITTESWELL VRP - OXFORD AIRPORT)

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The next leg is BITTESWELL VRP to OXFORD AIRPORT. The Track(T) is 184-degrees and the Distance is 37nm. For the time being we will remain in radio contact with Coventry Approach (118.250). Obviously the same disciplines apply as before. CHRONO & HEADING.

The first ground feature of note is: The M6 Motorway crossing the track at 90-degrees. There is also a gas venting station (GVS) a mile west of track. Note the masts just east of Rugby town. These are 1,188ft AMSL. At 2,600ft AMSL we are SAFE as far as terrain & obstacles are concerned. Flying over Rugby town at 2,600ft AMSL we are approximately 2,200ft AGL - this may not be high enough to land clear in the event of engine failure (Rule 5). It may be necessary to dog-leg around the town.
The next features after Rugby are the M45 Motorway and then DRAYCOTT WATER VRP which is just to the right of the track just before 1/4 distance. (Click on the image to ENLARGE.)
You will notice that ahead - just after Banbury town - is the OXFORD AIAA (Area of Intense Aerial Activity - see picture above). Thinking ahead it is therefore necessary to leave Coventry Approach and call BRIZE ZONE on 124.275 for a Flight Information Service OR Radar Information Service. "Brize Zone this is G-BJXZ for Flight Information Service." "G-BJXZ pass your message." "G-BJXZ Cessna 172 from Derby to Oxford via Chipping Warden VRP. Position abeam Daventry VOR. 2,600ft. Request Flight Information Service." Brize Norton will give you the information, weather and assistance that they can. Think ahead because you may be asked for your ETA at Chipping Warden VRP and at Oxford Airport. Also think about the next frequency change - Oxford Approach 125.325. The OXFORD ATIS is broadcast on 136.225. Note: At OXFORD circuits are variable in direction and the circuit height for fixed wing aircraft is 1,200ft QFE.

Okay - back to the navigation. You will notice that DTY VOR is just east of the track. This can be used to aid our position fixes as required (but more of this at the radio navigation stage of the PPL course.)

CHIPPING WARDEN VRP (which happens to be on route) is at the 1/2 distance. 1.5nm before CHIPPING WARDEN VRP is a lake which should be a good feature to associate with the VRP. Notice that the ASR (Altimeter Setting Region) changes at CHIPPING WARDEN to COTSWOLD ASR.

The M40 Motorway and Banbury town are now just ahead and right of our track. Keep the aircraft just to the east of Banbury and keep a VERY GOOD LOOKOUT for free-fall parachuting and gliders at HINTON IN THE HEDGES and thereafter WESTON ON THE GREEN (a Danger Area D129/FL120 extensively used for Military Parachute Training which features in the LEGEND NOTES.)

The Banbury to Oxford railway line more or less leads us into Oxford Kidlington. We should, by now, have been released by Brize Zone and be in contact with Oxford Approach on 125.325. "Oxford Approach G-BJXZ for joining instructions." "G-BJXZ pass your message." "G-BJXZ Cessna 172 Derby to Oxford via CHIPPING WARDEN VRP. Position east abeam Banbury. 2,600ft. Request joining and landing instructions." Oxford Approach will pass you the RW (runway) in use, QFE, the W/V (wind direction & speed) and any other relevant information including traffic information. You may be asked for your ETA at OX. (Note: Oxford Airport is strictly PPR. Download all the information that you need from www.ais.org.uk which should take you to the link www.nats-uk.ead-it.com Look at Aerodrome Index - Specific.
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