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PPL Ex 18 (xiv): Navigation Planning: Example: EGBD - EGTK - EGBD (Part 1: CBVRP - LICVRP - BITTESWELL VRP)

The Plan is a flight from EGBD to Oxford Kidlington EGTK via CHURCH BROUGHTON VRP, LICHFIELD VRP and BITTESWELL VRP. Land at Oxford for lunch. Then depart Oxford and fly via CHARLBURY VRP, COSFORD AERODROME & CHURCH BROUGHTON VRP to EGBD.
(Click on any image to ENLARGE.) The first image is an OVERVIEW of the planned route. Note: No Winds have been applied in these examples. The assumption is that we are always 'on track'. See other Navigation Exercises for explanations & examples of TAS/HDG/VAR/DEV/GS/MAX DRIFT/TWC/HWC/XWC/HA/1:60 rule etc.

The first leg is to CBVRP - this is a variable depending on the runway in use. The second leg is CBVRP - LICVRP which is 197-deg (T)/10.5nm. Having zeroed the CHRONO over CBVRP continue the en route climb to 2,600ft AMSL (QNH) and advise Derby Radio: "G-BJXZ overhead Church Broughton departing the circuit to the southwest and changing to Tatenhill Radio 124.075." Make contact with Tatenhill Radio: "Tatenhill Radio G-BJXZ." "G-XZ pass your message." "G-XZ a Cessna 172 from Derby to Oxford via Church Broughton & LICVRP. Position 2nm SW CBVRP at 2400ft climbing to 2600ft. Overflying your ATZ. Request traffic information" If the radio is manned, Tatenhill will acknowledge your call & give you the QFE, the RW in use and information about any known traffic. When clear of Tatenhill ATZ advise Tatenhill Radio that you are changing to Birmingham Approach. Contact Birmingham Approach on frequency 118.050: "Birmingham Approach G-BJXZ request Flight Information Service." "G-BJXZ pass your message." "G-BJXZ Cessna 172 from Derby to Oxford via LICVRP & Bitteswell VRP. 2nm NE LICVRP at 2600ft. Request Flight Information Service." Birmingham will acknowledge your radio call and give you the Birmingham QNH. You may also be asked to Sqwark a code other than 7000. You may also be asked for an ETA at Bitteswell.
Keep a good lookout. Fly your HDG (heading) accurately and keep good CHRONO discipline. As you approach LICVRP do the FREDA checks. Note 1: The 1501ft AMSL mast just to the left of the extended track. The MEF  (Maximum Elevation Figure) here is 1.6 (thousand feet) so we are safe at 2,600ft on Birmingham QNH. Note 2: The proximity of Birmingham CTA on the right of track and East Midlands CTA on the left.

Note the GVS just north of LICVRP. Over LICVRP turn onto the next HDG and make sure that the CHRONO is running. The Track(T) is 127-degrees and the Distance to Bitteswell VRP is 25nm.

The ground features to look for on this leg are (in order): The lake just NE of Tamworth town. The M42 Motorway just after 1/4 leg distance. Nuneaton VRP just after 1/2 distance. Hinckley town and Railway Line at 3/4 distance then M69 Motorway. Then Bitteswell VRP. Note 3: Birmingham may ask you to contact Coventry Approach on 119.250 because you will be flying through the extended ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach. It is probably prudent to call Coventry Approach anyway!

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