Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bush and Mountain Flying (1)

If you are thinking of Bush and Mountain flying in South Africa it would be wise to enrol for a course of instruction.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

Bush Flying:
  • Short, soft, rough and unimproved field take-off and landing
  • Know the aircraft
  • Optimum flap setting
  • Maximum power for take-off
  • Stabilized approach
  • Braking
  • Ground effect
  • Very short landings
  • Optimum speed at touch down
  • Retracting flaps at touch down
  • Taxying
  • Unimproved surfaces
  • Tailwheel/Nosewheel techniques
  • Tying down
  • Short field take-off
  • Short field take-off with obstacle
  • Short soft field take-off with obstacle
  • Short rough field take-off
  • Crosswind take-off
  • Short field landing
  • Short field spot landing
  • Short soft field landing
  • Landing over an obstacle
Mountain Flying
  • Winds
  • Rotors
  • Mountain waves
  • Orographic cloud
  • Mountain breeze
  • Valley breeze
  • Fohn effect
  • Katabatic wind
  • Anabatic wind

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